This historic region in Spain is home to Tempranillo, a varietal which produces some of the world’s most respected wines. The great wines of this region are designed to express the unique ‘terroir’ of the vineyards and are known for their earthy, smoky and robust characteristics.

The best wines of Rioja are meant to age for decades and can be at their best with 10–20 years in the bottle.

The region is also famous for its use of oak barrels during the aging process, especially with the use of American oak. Several wines on our list are aged in oak that was sourced from the Ohio River Valley.

2012 POLUStempranillo 57
2012 SENORIO DE P. PECIÑA ‘CRIANZA’tempranillo 50
2006 EL PUNTIDOtempranillo 101
2007 EL PUNTIDOtempranillo 101
2005 EL PUNTIDO ‘GRAN RESERVA’tempranillo 114
2001 FINCAS DE GANUZAtempranillo 85
2012 MUGA ‘RESERVA’tempranillo 65
2010 MUGA ‘SELECCION ESPECIAL’tempranillo 88
2005 ‘PRADO ENEA’ BY MUGAtempranillo blend 120
2006 ‘PRADO ENEA’ BY MUGAtempranillo blend 114
2009 ‘PRADO ENEA’ BY MUGAtempranillo blend 131
2005 ‘TORRE MUGA’ BY MUGAtempranillo 145
2009 ‘TORRE MUGA’ BY MUGAtempranillo 145
2004 MUGA ‘ARO’tempranillo 314
2005 BODEGA ONTANON RESERVAtempranillo 60
2005 BODEGA ONTAÑÓN ‘GRAN RESERVA’tempranillo 85
2003 BENJAMIN ROMEO ‘CONTADOR’tempranillo 445
2009 SAN VICENTEtempranillo 108
2005 SIERRA CANTABRIA ‘AMANCIO’tempranillo 241
2006 FINCA EL BOSQUEtempranillo 225
2001 ALTOS LANGAZAtempranillo 125
2005 LA NIETAtempranillo 215


Set atop the highest plateau on the Iberian Peninsula, Ribera del Duero has become world reknowned for its production of Tinto Fino (the local name for Tempranillo). Producing wines of excellent structure and balance, the wines of Ribera del Duero are among the most sought after in Spain.

2012 CONVENTO DE LAS CLARAStempranillo 48
2012 LA TINETAtempranillo 42
2011 PICO CUADROtempranillo 53
2011PICO CUADRO ‘VS’tempranillo 73
2012 CANTA MUDA ‘PARCELA 64’tempranillo 56
2011 CONDE DE SAN CRISTOBALtempranillo 58
2014 EMILIO MORO ‘MALLEOLUS’tempranillo 92
2014 PINGUS ‘FLOR DE PINGUS’tempranillo 148
2014 PINGUS ‘PSI’tempranillo 78
2009 ALONSO DEL YERROtempranillo 68
2006 MARIAtempranillo 125
2009 MARIAtempranillo 125
2010 VEGA SICILIA ‘VALBUENA’tempranillo 321
2001 PINGUStempranillo 1295


Located in the northeast of Spain near the Mediterranean and the Pyrenees Mountains, Priorat is the home to the peppery, smoky and nuanced wines made from Spain’s second noble grape, Garnacha.

2011 MAS DOIX ‘SALANQUES’garnacha 74
2009 NUNCI ‘NEGRE’garnacha 83
2016 A. PALACIOS ‘CAMINS’garnacha 57
2014 A. PALACIOS ‘FINCA DOFI’garnacha 90
2014 CLOS FIGUERAS ‘SERRAS’garnacha 64
2011 CLOS MOGADORgarnacha 154
2012 FERRER-BOBETcarignan 95
2013 TORRES ‘SALMOS’carignan/garnacha blend 72


Wines from Bierzo pre-date Roman influence, making it unique in allbionf222 Spain. The region is a unique crobisns222 between the green hills found in
Galicia and the warm, windswept plains of Toro and has the most slate driven soils in the world. In the glass, the local Mencia grape creates a silky and elegant style with notes of fresh pepper and minerality. This region is truly one of the fastest emerging in all of Europe.

2011 TRITONmencia44


The region of Toro is new to many
Spanish wine drinkers, but is actually
one of the oldest and most important
in Spain thanks to its position on
the Duero River and the seemingly
unlimited sunlight in the vineyards.
The local strain of Tempranillo, ‘Tinta del Toro’, creates wines of exceptional depth and boldness.

2013 DEHESA GAGOtinta de toro44
2014 TRITONtinta de toro48
2010 ALMIREZtinta de toro54
2012 VATANtinta de toro81
2012 ROMANICOtinta de toro45
1999 NUMANTHIAtinta de toro140
2004 NUMANTHIAtinta de toro135